What are good gifts for aging parents?

In today’s world, parents live in the constant tiny fear of getting emotionally disconnected from their children due to the difference in the lifestyle of the two generations. Indian parents are very emotional in general. They don’t need an expensive gift from their child to become happy but a gift that can share love of a child for their parents. I can think of below ones:

  • 1. Spend quality time with parents.
  • 2. Check their health at regular intervals.
  • 3. Allowing Grandchildren to stay with them. It’s said that Six and Sixty are same. Kids can do wonderful changes in their lives.
  • 4. Surprise visit to their childhood friends along with them.
  • 5. Arrange hassle free pilgrimage tour if possible, go with them.
  • 6. A self-created family collage or a scrapbook showing your journey from childhood to adulthood and their role as parents, expressing your love with creativity.
  • 7. Try to teach them how to use Gadgets, they will be happy to connect with like-minded people through social media.
  • 8. Listen to them and don’t ever hurt them. Gift anything you feel like valuable to them which will bring smile on their face.


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